Are you looking for a curriculum that blends classroom-style learning with your tight schedule? Then consider training at the SAP Academy.

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SAP Support Services

The SAP Academy is your best partner for your support services and proficiency. Our Consultants are trained to handle every complex challenge.

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SAP Exam tips and Preparation

Have you been finding it dificult to pass any SAP exams, struggle no more, we can help you pass your SAP exams at one sitting.

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SAP Consulting Services

We render unparalleled SAP consulting services By using customisable role profiles, which displays only the relevant applications and insights to ensure an efficient and user-friendly experience.

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Discover the continuous learning framework

Get guidance on implementations, as well as training new users and expanding skill sets for existing applications, with SAP Academy.

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Manage change with education consulting services

Reach software training goals faster from SAP Academy experts who assess your educational needs, create a strategic training plan, and provide direct assistance.

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Get quality training from SAP Academy

Search for over 200 SAP Training and Certification Courses to register for the right training to enhanced skill and productivity of your workforce.

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Let's help you enhance the Technology Skills of your Workforce

We are your best SAP Partner for your workforce enhancement and increased productivity.

SAP Workforce Skill Development

We can develop your workforce SAP Skill by giving them on the job training for efficiency and productivity.


Our SAP consultants have over 15years on the job experience each. This is the amount of expertise we bring to your workplace for improved personnel development


We are industry experts, let us help you maximise the potentials of your SAP system to increase productivity.


We are proficient in all SAP modules with certified consultants available to run you or your organisation through the required SAP experience.

Financial Accounting

Are you a chartered accountant or a fresh accountant and wish to pursue a formidable career in SAP? This is the right module for you.

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Material Management

Are you are Procurement Officer, Inventory Manager, Warehouse Personnel or a materials personnel? This module is suitable for you.

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Human Resources

Are you a HR manager or know how to manage personnel and wish to pursue a career in SAP? This will be the right module for you to manage employees.

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Plant Maintenance

You are an engineer and wish to pursue a career in SAP that will help you manage your large facilities effortlessly, this is the right module for you.

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Business Intelligent

You like playing with data and analysing data, this is the right module for you to generate your required reports from the SAP system for business continuity and productivity.

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Project Systems

You are a project manager but wish to build a formidable career in SAP. Project systems enables you to manage your complicated and technical projects effortlessly.

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In the SAP world, we place a great deal of emphasis on mission critical data along with roles and updates. One function that perhaps holds the greatest amount of responsibility in this area is that of the SAP Basis Administrator. SAP Basis, being the foundation of essential functionality within SAP…
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SAP BusinessObjects is a business intelligence solution designed for companies of all sizes. It offers ETL (extract, transform, load), predictive dashboard, Crystal reports, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and ad-hoc reporting functionalities within a suite. The product is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options and caters to multiple industry…
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SAP PS is a part of SAP’s project management solution, one of the most stable SAP modules. From setting up the structure to detailed plan creation and defining activities, all the way through resource allocation executing and completing the project – it helps companies manage a project through its entire…
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