Industry professionals around the world benefitting from specialized software programs which make their business run more smoothly and efficiently. Every business from the corner supermarket, to delis and cafes, to large multi-city or even international construction companies will be able to manage projects, customer interactions, sales, financials, and more with a software program created especially for their market. While there a learning curve does come along with any new software, the time spent training employees to use the product will pay itself with interest in no time.


Assets One from ZIV Systems is software management program made especially for people in the real estate and construction industries. ZIV Systems designed Assets One for, and focuses solely on, these industries so they can offer one of the most tailored and regularly updated software programs for these industries available today.


Assets Ones comes as part of an impeccably integrated package with the internationally used and trusted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software program Business One from SAP. Assets One and Business One are completely cohesive, so that one user will easily work between the original Business One Software modules and the Asset Ones modules dedicated specifically to tracking and managing real estate and construction industry needs.


This integration is a winning combination because real estate and construction professionals will receive both the support and trusted quality of SAP’s Business One, as well as the innovation and specificity of ZIV System’s Assets One. Here are just a handful of the components of the software which will help business owners and project managers capitalize on profits and minimize costs:


From SAP Business One –

Financials – manage accounting process, create charts, and more

Banking – issue receipts, track money transactions, and more

Inventory – manage inventory

Sales – document sales, issue invoices, create inventory transaction, and more


From Assets One –

Construction – manage construction projects, sub projects, bids and tenders, and much more

Property Sales – Assets Inventory Management, CRM for managing sales, sale the real estate you

are building and developing

Property Rentals – asset inventory management and contract control

Maintenance – Maintain and schedule property, equipment, and other maintenance needs


Because Assets One comes as a bundle with SAP Business One – real estate and construction professionals can trust this software package will address all their needs and help them to achieve more each day on the job.

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