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Needing New Software?

If you are experiencing some of the pain point which is leading you towards considering new software, then chances are you will have considered SAP Software as part of your long list, if not your short list.

Here are some of the reasons you are probably already considering SAP Software:

  1. Undisputed Market Leader: For both larger enterprise business and for SMEs, SAP leads the way in terms of % share of the software market. Currently just over 23% of large businesses run their affairs using SAP Software and over 18% of SMEs likewise.  The closest runner up is Oracle based software with just a 14% market share of each.
  2. Largest Reach: SAP is localised for over 120 countries and operates with 37 languages. It has offices in 75 countries. Likewise the industry spread is far reaching.  Although there are obvious strengths within SAP Software for process driven businesses (think Manufacturing, Life Science and Pharmacy, Supply Chain Management), SAP Software has broken into 25 distinct industries.  It also has the largest service partner network with over 12000 partner companies collaborating with SAP.
  3. Experience: SAP is so deeply embedded in today’s technological revolution that they have more experience than any other provider. They have been using that experience to hone their software over time to embed best practice learned from over 40,000 implementations.  As a result they have deep industry-specific capabilities and are driven by co-innovation and development across their customer base.  In other words, they improve with every customer implementation.
  4. Real-time Analytics. You may also have heard of SAP HANA – High Performance Analytic Appliance.  It is an application which uses an in-memory database technology which allows you to process large amounts of data in a very short space of time.  It is not just big enterprise business on the big SAP Software products like R3 who benefit from SAP HANA.  Customers on the cloud based SAP Business ByDesign platform – a mid-market software product – also benefit from the SAP HANA platform.   In reality the SAP HANA platform allows you to experience a 350x improvement in speed.  In other words a 77 minute transaction has been reduced to 13 seconds.  A live analysis by a consumer products company reveals how SAP HANA analyses 70 retailers, 460 billion records and 50 terabytes of data – all in the blink of an eye – at 0.04 seconds.  And all of this is on any device from any location.
  5. Lower Cost of Ownership. SAP claim to reduce your total software, service and support per user cost by 9.3% by comparison to their nearest leading competitor. A big part of this has to do with the software solutions being “rapid deployment”.  In other words you can take advantage of all the out the box processes and solution capability to go from purchase to go live in superfast time.  SAP Software is 23% lower cost to implement than their closest competitor, they say.  On top of this, if you use SAP Business ByDesign you are also outsourcing your business security, continuity and IT infrastructure to lower your costs further.


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