SAP the best career path

SAP course is a Globally accepted Certification course. This is recognized and accepted worldwide. SAP offers more than 150 certification exams in up to 9 languages.

SAP course is easy to pursue in less time. Below are the important points related to certification.

  • Certified training can also be taken.
  • Online Model makes this course preferable. Independent of location
  • Ease of registration and Online payments of fees.


  • Certified Training’s : SAP partners provides certified training’s. With this training, certification is not required, and entire course is covered. This type of training’s is not much costly and can be considered and very easy to undergo.
  • Corporate Training’s : Many Companies provide SAP training and in return bond need to be signed. This is termed as ‘Corporate Training’s’ or ‘Bonded Training’. Specified amount is deposited/guaranteed from Consultant for specified period. Upon Breaching bond period, proportionate amount needs to be paid back to the company.
  • Cross/Module Training : Cross module training is provided by companies to fulfill its requirement/demand for open position. For e.g. Finance consultant will be provided BPC module training. This allows consultant to learn new module with 0 Cost.
  • Lateral/Domain Training : Experienced consultant in respective industry are provided SAP training. Purpose of this training’s is to leverage the benefit of domain expertise. Experienced consultants are hired and provided extensive training. This training are also ‘Bonded’ training’s.


SAP is leading Brand. Implementing SAP guarantees organization below benefits:

  • High performance
  • Effective reporting
  • Real time reporting
  • Better control
  • Faster processing
  • Integrated processing
  • One platform solution
  • Interfacing with other software
  • Interfacing with Banking portal


The need for SAP employment is constantly high. SAP Jobs are widely available on job boards. The need for consultants is quite high as more businesses use SAP. Demand is not only for functional or technical consultants, but also for:

  • Freshers
  • Mid – Experienced
  • SAP Experts
  • COEs
  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Delivery Heads
  • Delivery Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • System Auditors
  • End users
  • Trainers and
  • Training institutes Advisors
  • Freelancers

Best Jobs

The majority of the world’s top businesses use SAP. More non-SAP enterprises are migrating their old systems to SAP as a result of the advent of S/4HANA. SAP consultants now have the chance to land the greatest jobs thanks to this. Best work includes the points below.

  • Best Remuneration.
  • Mediclaim for Self and Family.
  • Best Leave policy.
  • Best Culture
  • Best work environment with excellent growth Opportunity.
  • Best Security
  • Timely Salary payment.
  • Timely reimbursement
  • Domestic and International Travel
  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Health care facilities – In Premise
  • Less Micro management.
  • Culture free from Harassment, abusive conduct and discrimination.
  • Fun zones or recreation zones.
  • Excellent Cafeterias/Canteen.


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