Warehouse Management 1 View

This view is maintainable on Plant / Warehouse number organizational level. Warehouse number is the top hierarchy level in warehouse management in SAP. You can see positions 1 & 2 in the picture below representing Plant and Warehouse Number for which we are extending the material. Information for maintaining this view should be supplied by warehouse management administration team.

  • Plant: organizational level
  • Warehouse number: organizational level
  • WM unit: unit that is used throughout the warehouse management. Every document in WM uses this unit of measure, no matter what is the original document UOM. For example, if you create delivery for 12 pieces of LCD TV 40″ and we have defined in warehouse management view that WM unit is PAL, in transfer orders (WM document for stock management) 1 PAL will be shown instead of 12 PCS as the original document (delivery)item was created.
  • Unit of issue: it is already covered in Plant Data – Storage 1 View.
  • Proposed UoM for material: this indicator determines which unit of measure should be used in warehouse management in conjunction with WM unit. This indicator can be set to use Unit of Issue (defined here in material master), Order unit (unit in which the original document was created – sales order, delivery, reservation etc.), WM unit of measure, base unit of measure, and some additional conditional possibilities (for example, if no other unit is specified use base unit of measure).
  • Stock removal strategy: to be used, a stock removal strategy suitable for this material has to be defined in customizing. For example, strategy for our material could be: first try to remove stock from high rack storage, and if there is no stock there try picking from the bulk storage area. Used when we have to pick some quantity for customer (delivery) or reservation.
  • Stock placement strategy: same as above with opposite direction, when we want to place our stock from production to our warehouse, we want the system to search different storage types (areas) for placement in the warehouse. We want the system to search in the right order for this material so we can set up the appropriate strategy.
  • Storage section indicator: when using indicators for stock removal and placement, we might encounter a problem that in the same storage type, we could have storage bins that are smaller than usual and our material cannot be placed there. That is where we can use storage section indicator, to instruct the system not to place our material in storage bins of certain section (smaller bins).
  • Bulk storage indicator: this is used to indicate a special case for using up a bulk storage type capacity. * Other fields include some special indicators, like special movement indicator, two step picking, allowing adding to existing stock in the storage bin already containing this material.

These settings are very complex and require more in-depth knowledge of Warehouse Management.


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