What is end user training, and why is it so important?

What does SAP mean when we talk about “end user training”? First, we have to think about who end users are. In the SAP world, end users are the individuals who will be using or are impacted by the implementation of new technology and processes.

End user training has changed so much over the years. Probably without even noticing, we’re all learning in  different ways.

New learning challenges. New solutions

With increasing modernization of systems, your people are always challenged to learn new software and business processes. When you have quick and immediate help built into the software, it’s like a “digital office mate” who knows the business processes you are trying to complete and can help you each step of the way.

SAP offers a software solution that works with most software (not just SAP!) to develop and deliver training content. SAP Enable Now provides in-app help, training, and guided tours to help your end user learn at time of need as all of this is embedded in the software itself, whatever that software may be.

Using SAP Enable Now, we have seen training development time for SAP software cut by up to two thirds.  It is also proven that companies that have effective end user training can cut their deployment time by up to 10%, which is typically one month on every SAP implementation (IDC). We’ve also found that well trained end users who have access to SAP Enable Now content make fewer calls to the help desk as they are now self-enabled.


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